Interested in ... Faculty Group Diversity?

Are you interested in helping to shape the diversity policy at the faculty? To think together with professors about the different diversity aspects and to see where they can be implemented? Then be sure to check out whether the mandate in the Faculty Group Diversity is something for you!

What is the Faculty Group Diversity?

The Faculty Group Diversity is concerned with creating an inclusive university at the level of our faculty. This can range from reviewing the general study progress in order to evaluate them on the basis of diversity criteria, to initiatives to visualize diversity on our campus. Different diversity categories are gender, pioneer students, students with disabilities, international students, students with an immigration background, working students, self-employed students, refugees, ... All these students need to be taken into account and this group is the place where this happens as much as possible. The Faculty Group Diversity meets several times a year.

What do you do as a student representative in the workgroup?

As a student representative in the workgroup it is important that you give the students' view on all the given ideas and plans. After all, you yourself are much better informed about how students look at all kinds of things these days and so you know better what will catch on and what is less important. You are better informed about what is going on among the students and have a more direct line of contact between yourself and all the other students so you can more easily check things out and pass them on.

You think about different aspects of diversity within the Faculty of Science together with a select group of other interested parties at faculty level. During the meeting you will try to think of ways to solve possible bottlenecks, to work out initiatives... and this often on the basis of figures.

A final task that you have as a member of the workgroup is to feed back the issues that are decided and discussed here to the other student representatives at the OOR meeting. This is a meeting that takes place every two weeks between all the student representatives of the Faculty of Science. It is best for you to be present here, not only if you have to give feedback yourself, but also as an expert in the matter, in order to possibly provide some insights on subjects that have occurred in the faculty group and on which a faculty position needs to be taken.

What does a mandate as a member of the Faculty Group Diversity offer?

This mandate offers you interesting insights into the various student groups and gives you a better insight into our faculty's diversity policy. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to think freely and come up with your own ideas that will be implemented and you will have the opportunity to help shape the faculty's policy. On top of that, you also learn something about faculty student representation and what it is like to represent other people yourself.

Is this mandate something for you?

After reading the previous text, we hope of course that you already have a better understanding of the mandate. Here we list the most important aspects the profile of a mandatary diversity offers you:

  • Interesting insights into diversity.
  • Space to think very freely, to talk openly and to put ideas on the table.
  • The opportunity to mean something for certain groups of students.
  • The opportunity to help shape the diversity policy.