OOR meeting

The OOR meeting is the bi-weekly consultation organized by us to take position in certain topics and also to give all student representatives and other interested students an update on the decisions taken in the past two weeks. This makes the meeting one of the central characteristics of our organisation. Everybody is welcome to give his or her opinion on the different educational topics that are discussed here.

"Which educational topics will be discussed at the OOR meeting?", you might wonder. First of all, here we determine our opinion on topics that we take to the Stura AV, the KU Leuven Student Council. Here, we represent our faculty in order to adopt positions together with the student representatives of all faculties. In this way, Stura's dossiers are very diverse, but some examples you may have heard of are the following:

  • the milestone and new study progress measures
  • the more general corona measures
  • calibration tests
  • enrollment fees for students outside the European Union

In addition to the points of view that are being prepared for the Stura AV, it is also said what was decided at the faculty meetings that took place in the weeks before the OOR meeting. Thus, here are the updates of, among others, the following bodies:

  • the FPOC which deals with faculty educational matters such as the approval of all program changes
  • The (Extended) Faculty Board that deals with more general faculty matters such as the info day.
  • The Faculty Working Groups which deal with specific issues around a single topic: Sustainability, Diversity, Internationalisation and Communication & Outreach.

Of course, there is also room for other agenda items that relate to our organisation or to take a stand on faculty educational matters that have not yet been discussed at a meeting. For example, this concerns the creation of our new site, conducting a survey or looking at something that needs to be addressed at our faculty.


The OOR meeting takes place every two weeks on Wednesday at 8 pm in Dutch. Usually this is in Quadrivium in room QDV 00.100. Be sure to check out the events on our site!

The reports of the meetings can be found here [Dutch only].


All upcoming meetings can be found here (together with our other events).