Interested in ... Faculty Group Internationalisation?

Are you interested in helping to shape the faculty's international policy? To think, together with professors, about the various aspects of this operation, such as attracting, supervising and following up international students and international experiences? Then be sure to check if the mandate in the Faculty Group Internationalisation is something for you!

What is the Faculty Group Internationalisation?

This workgroup meets a number of times a year and has a number of important tasks to involve international students in all aspects of our faculty's education. More specifically, the workgroup tries to integrate the educational programmes with international policy and promotes the incoming and outgoing exchange of students, such as, for example, the well-known Erasmus. In addition, the workgroup tries to create an international working environment and tries to bring all programmes to the table. The buddy project, in which a foreign student is linked to a Belgian student, is also discussed here. You can find more examples and a better insight into what the workgroup exactly does on the international part of the site of our faculty.

What do you do as a student representative in the workgroup?

As the student representative in the workgroup, it is important that you give the students' perspective on all the ideas and plans given. Some feeling with international students should certainly not be lacking, as they are your so-called "supporters". It is therefore certainly an added value to be aware of how international students feel and certainly to get in touch with them. This way you can represent them well.

In addition, it is of course the intention that you think along with the rest of the workgroup and come up with ideas that can be useful to make internationalisation at our faculty better. If students come up with their own ideas or have questions, you will be their point of contact (possibly through another person) and you will also pass these ideas on to the workgroup.

A final task that you have as a member of the workgroup is to feed back the matters that are decided and discussed here to the other student representatives at the OOR meeting. This is a meeting that takes place every two weeks between all the faculty's student representatives. It is best for you to be here, not only if you have to give feedback yourself, but also as an expert on the subject, if necessary to give some insights on subjects that have arisen in the faculty workgroup and on which a faculty position needs to be taken.

What does a mandate as a member of the Faculty Group Internationalisation offer?

This mandate naturally offers you interesting insights into international policy and how exactly this is dealt with at our faculty. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to think freely about new ideas, such as how to better attract international students or to improve and promote international experiences, and so you will have the opportunity to help shape the faculty's policy. On top of that, you will also learn about faculty student representation and what it is like to represent other people yourself.

Is this mandate something for you?

After reading the previous text, we hope of course that you already have a better grasp of the mandate. Here we list the most important aspects of the profile of a mandatary international:

  • You like to learn a lot about international and related aspects.
  • You dare to get involved in the discussion.
  • You like to think about practical things, make proposals ...
  • Experience in the domain is certainly an added value.